Randall Wood

Chief Pilot

RandallWWith more than 35 years of aviation experience, Randall (Randy) Wood brings an unprecedented level of experience to New World Aviation. Randy has held senior administrative positions in several companies since 1980 and has shared his extensive administrative knowledge on safety and efficiency in many different arenas here at New World Aviation.

Randy was brought on as New World’s Chief Pilot in 2013 and is currently responsible for all training requirements. He loves the classroom environment and has been teaching for New World since prior to being hired on full-time. With close to 14,000 hours under his belt, Randy is Pilot in Command of the Gulfstream V and IV aircraft and works very closely with the FAA regarding compliance and training issues. His goals are to keep the organization and effectiveness of NWA’s flight and cabin crew at the highest possible standard.

Outside of aviation, Randy enjoys being involved in his local church as Finance Team Chairman and he is an avid Harley Davidson motorcyclist.

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