Challenger 604 Available for Charter NOW WITH WIFI!

The Challenger 604 has established a proven track record for dependability, reliability and outstanding value, making it the best-selling jet in its class, and has amenities for both business and comfort. The 604 not only provides range and speed, but also sophistication and style.  Chartering and flying in an aircraft such as the Challenger 604 allows you to get closer to your planned destination as many small airports are open only to corporate and private aircraft.

This Challenger 604 seats up to 12 passengers, and with a wide eight-feet cabin and over six feet of stand up room, it provides plenty of working space to get up and move about which is particularly helpful when flying long distances.  Seats recline into prone, mid-back and upright positions so you can rest, sleep or work depending on your needs. A four seat sofa allows relaxation in flight. Now with unlimited domestic Wi-Fi for business or pleasure.  The interior has ample luggage space.  It also has a fully stocked galley so refreshments can be served en route, as well as a fully enclosed lavatory allowing for privacy and comfort.

The Challenger has a nautical range of 4,640 statute miles, making long trips continuous. There is no need to stop and refuel for most jaunts, including those that cross “the pond” over to Europe, or from the US West Coast to several Asian destinations. The Bombardier Challenger 604 not only provides range and speed, but also sophistication and style, and is well suited for any mission.

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