Our Fleet

Precision performance, refined style, exacting care.

The dynamic fleet at New World Aviation meets the highest demand challenges with exceptional design and engineering.

We’re not just a one-brand shop—we house an array of unique aircraft in every business jet category to fulfill your most exacting requests. High-demand, best-in-class crafts deliver on specs such as flight range, cruising altitude and speed, as well as cabin amenities—all curated with your comfort and convenience in mind.


Light jets come with a good level of comfort and competitive range.  Small jet package, big jet capability.  Business travelers like the idea of a private jet that understands bottom-line thinking, without sacrificing performance or reliability.  Capable of cruising New York to Florida non-stop at 45,000 feet.


Comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers. These aircraft are suited for small groups looking to fly from the Northeast to the Southwest, Midwest and the Caribbean.


Lear 45


Lear 45

Super Mid-size

The super mid-size jets offer a more spacious cabin for 8 passengers and the capacity to fly coast-to-coast, to Mexico, or to any point in between.


Large, comfortable cabins are especially suited to larger groups of travelers—up to 14 passengers. Large cabin aircraft also have and a robust range and can reach much of South America and Eastern Europe.

Ultra Long Range

The ultimate in the luxury and comfort for up to 16 passengers. Engineered for speed and reach these aircraft are able to reach parts of Africa, Asia and all of Europe.